Sunday, October 26, 2014

Enough With The T-Word (Terrorist)

In light of the recent killings of Corporal Cirillo and Warrant Officer Vincent, some have taken to referring to their murderers with the T-word or in a few cases, even the J-word.

This needs to stop.  In a twisted way, using the T-word or the J-word is how they probably want to be remembered.  I’d suggest using the C-word.


These were two individuals whose lives were in disorder who reached out to a religion and then committed a heinous act.  Did they do these acts because of their new found religion?  I don’t know.  Years ago they might have shaved their heads and gotten swastika tattoos or before that worn white bed sheets to try and scare people.

But we didn’t use the T-word to describe those people.

And we didn’t use the T-word to describe the person who gunned down three RCMP in Moncton NB… we shouldn’t be using it now.

Maybe we should use another C-word to describe these acts.


In St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, the attacker waited for two hours before striking two members of Our Forces leading to the death of W.O. Vincent.  In Ottawa, Cpl. Cirillo’s murderer stepped out from behind the National War Memorial and fired two shots fatally wounding Cpl. Cirillo and firing a third shot at Cirillo’s guard partner.

None of these soldiers were armed.


And that brings me to yet another C-word.


In the aftermath of these killings, we did what Canadians do.  In Ontario, people lined the sides of the 401 and the overpasses to pay tribute to one of our fallen, Cpl. Cirillo.  In Quebec, the family of W.O. Vincent is reaching out to the family of his assailant.  In Cold Lake Alberta, Canadians came to erase the graffiti left on a local Mosque by some other cowards.

This is the Canada I know.

These are the Canadians that I choose to stand with.

In the mean time I’ll go about living my life pretty much the same way I did before these attacks.  I’ll leave hiding in closets to other people.