Sunday, September 18, 2011

Support the Canadian Wheat Board

What happened to Minister Ritz?

Last week he was telling farmers that their Canadian Wheat Board plebiscite meant nothing.  Now he is quiet.  Is this part of the strategy?  Did someone higher up yank on his choke chain?

Maybe, just maybe the fools on the Hill have realized they stirred a hornet’s nest.


Maybe they think if they become quiet, the farmers will become quiet.  Please don’t become quiet.  Keep their feet to the fire, let them know they are accountable to the people and the people will push back.

In his interview Minister Ritz said that farmers could keep the CWB, but now I find that’s not true.  You might be able to try and gather up the pieces after it gets blown up, but there will be others grabbing for the pieces too, I don’t see a good future for the family farm on the prairie, and this bothers me.

So why does a Cat in Ontario care?  I see this as an injustice against family farms on the prairies.  We all need to stand with you on this.  If the government was truly interested in helping they would be in serious talks about how to address this issue and how it can be resolved.  Not trying to destroy 70 years of cooperation, 70 years of success.

Isn’t that what Canadians do?  We work together for the betterment of the whole.  At least we used to.  And we look out for the other guy.

I include a link.  If you have not already shown your support for the farmers of the Canadian Wheat Board, this link will take you to a petition asking that the farmers be given the choice of what happens to the CWB.  Support the farmers, they support you.

It is the least that we can do.

My thanks to Shelley Cooper-Stephenson for the link.  I am using it without permission, I hope you don’t mind.

Edit.. I need to add another link.  This will send a message to the Agriculture Minister and your MP letting them know that you support the CWB farmers.

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