Saturday, November 5, 2011

Stephen, they gave their lives for democracy, why do you try to take it away?

Again we are are we seeing the democratic side of the Stephen Harper Party?

After the Opposition member offered time for other members to say a few words on Remembrance Day, the Stephen Harper Party shot shut them down.

Because the Green Party and the Bloc Quebecois do not hold “official party” status in the House, the Harperists denied them the opportunity to stand and have their remarks entered into the record in the House of Commons.

Our Lord Stephen loves to wrap himself in the flag and drape himself with royalty, he boasts about our military and how wonderful he is towards them and how He brings Democracy to the world and yet when it comes to Democracy in Our House, he says no. The representatives of the people are not allowed to speak in Our House.

The people have no voice.

The members of the Canadian Wheat Board who voted to retain this institution are being ignored. The Harperists are intent on killing the CWB. It shall die.

Those farmers have no voice.

The Veterans Affairs Ombudsman was fired for speaking for His constituents. Now the Harperists have decided to cut funding to the Veterans Affairs department. Our veterans are challenging this but it will likely come to naught.

The veterans have no voice.

My MP is one of those Blue Flag waving Harperists, he blindly votes the way he is told in the Marionette Theatre.

I have no voice.

I recently spoke to a man who does not vote. He feels all politicians are the same and hold them in the same esteem held for lawyers. He accepts that if one does not vote one loses the right to complain, he knows he has no voice.

93 years ago this week the Armistice was signed, ending the Great War. This was to be the War the Ends All Wars. Sadly it wasn’t so.

November 11th was chosen long ago as the day we stop to remember those who gave their lives to stop oppression and to protect democracy in all the wars and peace keeping missions our Armed Forces have seen all over the world.

Pity we can’t protect it at home.

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  1. I wish to apologize for using Remembrance Day as a backdrop for a political rant. The decision of the Harper Party to not allow time for some to give statements in the House angered me.

    To those of you who are veterans or have family or friends who served, you have my thanks.

    There are many Canadians who might not be here had it not been for the sacrifices of Brave Canadians and their families. I am one of those.

    If you are a veteran or know one, let them know that we remember. We are grateful.