Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thoughts on Remembrance Day 2012.

Recently I saw a picture of a large blue sign with a white maple leaf on it.  There was a number 1 in the centre of the maple leaf.  I’m assuming it was a sign for the Trans Canada Highway.

The sign was surrounded by a number of small white crosses with poppies attached.  I approve of this.  I believe in Remembrance Day and honouring those that gave their lives in our wars.

What I did not approve of was the sign advertising that this was the “Highway of Heroes”.

The Highway of Heroes was not an “action plan” nor has it anything to do with any level of government in Canada.

The Highway of Heroes was and still is a showing of respect by the people of Canada for those we lost in Afghanistan.  We were not told to do it.  There was no government initiative to do it.  We just did it.

I understand the original Highway of Heroes is a 150 km. stretch of Highway 401 between Trenton, Ontario and Toronto.  The route our fallen soldiers take when returning home.  People spontaneously lined the overpasses to show their respect… a nice thing to do.

I do not want nor do I need any government to tell me “this road” or “that road” is a Highway of Heroes, I know where they are.

And I know there are many of them.

Any highway or byway or street or lane that had one of these hearses travel on it is one.  Any road that passes the home of a veteran or their family is one.

This Sunday is Remembrance Day.  I hope you will take a minute to remember those who fought and especially those who did not return.  I also hope that you will wear a poppy to show others that you remember and that you care.


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