Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Fools and Patrick Brazeau

When I was in kiddie garden many years ago our teacher asked us what we were planning for April Fools Day. We took turns telling what we were going to say or do but one classmate had a little extra time with the teacher who pains to explain the difference between a joke and a lie.

I guess Senator in legal trouble Patrick Brazeau needs to have someone explain this to him as well.

Yesterday Patrick tweeted that he was "stepping down" and the announcement would be at 10 am today. He later tweeted April Fools.

I bet he about peed himself laughing at everyone scrambling to find out if this was true, was he resigning his Senate Seat?

Pat doesn't seem to realise that to many Canadians he IS the joke. He is the rather unfunny joke that Stephen Harper foisted on us. The Senator who rarely shows up. The Senator who claimed he resided at his daddy's house so he could collect the housing allowance even though he lived across the river from Ottawa. The Senator who thinks it's funny to be charged with Domestic Assault and Sexual Assault. The Senator who probably thinks it's a joke that he has been suspended from the Senate and still gets paid for being a disgrace to the Upper House.

Yeah, we're all laughing about that too. I hope my sarcasm isn’t being wasted there.

You know what would be really funny Pat? It would be hilarious if Governor General David Johnston called you up today and accepted your resignation.

Laters! BC

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