Saturday, June 15, 2013

Did You Hear What Justin Trudeau Did?

I’m serious!  Did you hear what he did?  It’s scary, he went to New Brunswick and forced a charity to let him speak!  And then he made them give him $20,000.00 and fire their only employee!

It’s all over the news.  I can’t believe it.

And I don’t.

The Grace Foundation decided to hold a fund raiser and they decided that they would like to hire Justin Trudeau.  Trudeau is a professional speaker, and they knew going in that they were going to have to pay whatever the contract they signed said. 

Now, according to the Grace Foundation’s website the event was “an evening to remember.”  They also went on to thank the “sponsors who contributed to the success of Grace Foundation’s first fund raising event”

So, the hosts invited Trudeau to speak, they were pleased with his speech and that he took the time to answer audience questions, and they thanked the sponsors because the event was successful.

So what changed?

When Trudeau was hired to speak, he was just an MP whose father had been the Prime Minister of Canada.  He had even cleared the fact that he was a professional speaker with the Ethics Commissioner, a Harper appointee I might add.

Over nine months later the Grace Foundation sends Trudeau a letter complaining that they lost money and that they wanted a refund.  This was when Trudeau had gone from being just an MP with a noted name to the odds on favourite to win the Leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Imagine that.

I don’t know when the Harper Party got hold of the letter, but the timing of the reveal is suspect.  Can the attack ads be far behind?

But let’s back up a step and look at the bigger picture.  When the letter of complaint was sent nine months after the fact, another Harper appointee Mike Duffy was trying to find out where to go to demand more money from the Harper Party for all his good works and trying to explain where he lived.

Aye, there’s the rub.

We have the RCMP looking into the Duffy/Wright/PMO/Senate scandal.

 We have the Pam Wallin, Patrick Brazeau, Arthur Porter (in a Panama Jail), Arthur Porter’s wife, James Bezan,  Shelly Glover, Dean Del Mastro, Jeff Watson scandals with Eve Adams looking like she might be in trouble too.

We have the F35 fiasco, and the new Navy ships are costing more to design than they cost to build in Norway, Denmark, and Ireland.

Oh and a Fearless Leader who disappears whenever anything comes to a head, “Having a wonderful time in the UK and France, glad you’re not here…”

Look, it’s unfortunate that when the Grace Foundation hired Justin Trudeau they didn’t make money on the event.  But it’s not Trudeau’s fault, it’s the host that has the responsibility to get people to attend their event.

Maybe they should have hired someone else.  Mike Duffy does paid speaking events, he’s from out East they tell me.  Maybe they should have hired him.

Besides he only costs half of what Justin Trudeau does.

That’s it for now…

Cheers! BC

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