Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tony Clement, when are you looking into the gas prices?

On the drive home from work the other day I noticed one local gas station had upped their prices by 7¢ per litre.  This particular station tends to be the bellwether in our area, the price usually going up to their level in a few days. 

I thought the conservatives were going to look into this...

A few months ago, on May the 12th to be precise, Tony Clement held a press conference.  He said he wanted the petroleum industry to explain how they set gasoline prices.

Well Tony, it’s now July 23rd and we’re still waiting.  What’s the hold-up bub?

Could it be that our overpriced gasoline could be filling the Ottawa coffers and we don’t want to mess with a good thing?  The inflation numbers say gasoline is 25% higher than last year but oil prices are not.  Every litre puts an extra 25¢ into the oil companies’ pockets and puts an extra 1.5¢ into the government’s pockets as well.  This is beyond the normal taxes we gas users pay every week.

Between you and the oil companies, I’m seeing about $10.00 per week go into my tank that could be going elsewhere.  Unlike you and the other Hogs at the trough, I need to watch my money, stretch it as far as I can.  Outside of food and gasoline my discretionary spending is about nil.  There are a lot like me who don’t have the cash to take part in the economic recovery.

It sure was nice of your pals Flaherty and Harper to give the oil companies a tax break.  I get to pay for it I guess.  Maybe this is part of the deal you and you pals cut for the oil execs.  You help us get elected and we’ll ignore your record profits?  No, it was after the election you made your statements.

Or maybe you just forgot about it.  You got a new job and Chris Paradis got your old one.  You could send him an email or a memo and remind him about your promise to the people of Canada.  You see Tony, I come from a place and time where a man’s word means something, what’s it like where you come from?  Or did your new job have something to do with keeping you mouth shut and leaving the oil companies alone?

Or maybe it’s just that conservative thing.  Say anything then forget about it.  Or lie about it.  Like that border money thing that put gazebos in Muskoka?  You see, in the real world, that’s misappropriation of funds.  That’s illegal. 

In your world, it apparently is OK.

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