Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tony Clement, when are you looking into the gas prices? Part 2

Well it’s about a week after I noticed the price of gas go up at the bellwether station, they came back down the next day.  Yesterday everybody jumped up except one, who had a sale on gas.  Everyone went to $1.29 except the one that dropped to $1.16, he’s back in line now at $1.29.

Now this is where I want Tony or Christian or Steve or any other member of the cockup caucus to step up to the plate.

The Canadian Dollar is trading high with all the woes in the US.  $1.06 yesterday, $1.05 today and it has been running at par or better for some time.  The price of oil has been pretty flat as of late and is now dropping again and sits at $97.17 right now.  That’s in US Dollars by the way, that would be about $92.54 in Canadian Dollars.  What is going on?

Now don’t give me any grief about HST, that’s a separate issue. 

The fact is we’re being bent over by the oil barons and our their conservative government isn’t saying a word.  Why should they?  The oil guys back them, so much so that the conservatives are looking at a PR firm to sell the tar oil sands as being wonderful for the world, even if Europe thinks otherwise.  Besides, they get car allowances which probably cover all the gas they can use.

The bottom line is Tony wrote a cheque with his mouth that he is unable or unwilling to back up.  Christian is in Tony’s old chair and not saying a word about it either.  These guys are looking the other way for their corporate pals again instead of looking out for the people who elected them.

I offer the Rob Ford salute to these guys.

In closing,  I send my best wishes for a quick and full recovery to the Honourable Jack Layton.  We need a man like Jack in Ottawa, and we would like for you to be that man.

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