Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Long Gun Registry and the cpc

Why is it when someone refers to gun owners as criminals, they are always a representative of the cpc?

This is what Bev Shipley says in a letter...

//Today the Opposition Coalition continues to criminalize law abiding farmers, hunters, and sportsman. That is why our government will not rest until the long gun registry is finally scrapped.//

//To all my constituents who supported our efforts let me quote our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper who, following the vote said, “Opposition to the long gun registry has never been stronger, and we have never been closer to abolishing the gun registry and Canadians from the regions will never accept being treated like criminals. We will not rest until we scrap the gun registry once and for all.”//

Bev Shipley is the conservative member for Lambton-Kent-Middlesex.

I know a few gun owners, most belong to clubs and almost all are hunters.  As a rule, they are quite serious about their guns and keep them locked up when not in use and registered because they don’t want to risk losing them.  Some even take pride in the fact that their guns are registered.

One I spoke to bothered me.  He was against the registry and felt that most guns in Canada were not registered and never would be.  He referred to these as 22 plinkers.  They are in cottages and attics all over the country he said.  This is why we need a registry, these are uncontrolled weapons and no one knows how many there are and how they are stored.

He also told be how he and his friend had been out messing around with their rifles.  I’m sure he meant they took them to the range and shot at targets, but his attitude made me wonder about how much does he respect theses weapons.  They weren’t 22s that he was referring to but serious rifles.

He was surprised by the fact that I had shot rifles in the past and had owned a 22 rifle for target shooting.  I have also fired FN C1s in the past, which were the Canadian Forces rifle at the time.

The reason that his attitude bothers me goes back to when I was in high school.  A friend of mine’s brother was shot with a 22 and died.  I attended the funeral.  I remember shaking hands with his mother who would not let go of my hand, or the hand of any of his friends. 

In the end it was determined to be an accident, someone who was shooting missed their target and found him instead.

The gun registry is not about criminalizing people or gun but is about ensuring that those who own and operate firearms do so in a safe and responsible way.  The registry helps to ensure these weapons are stored properly.  The registry helps to ensure that only responsible people can buy these weapons.

Hopefully, the registry can help to prevent needless accidents.

Someone I know mentioned that they were considering taking their son to a local club to learn to shoot.  I think that is a good idea.  They teach safety first.

I am not against guns or gun ownership.  I am against irresponsible people having guns.  There is a difference.

My use of the word "gun" should often be "rifle" but it seems to be the shorthand term for firearms of both kinds and that is how "gun" came to be used.

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  1. When I was in High School I remember my friend Barry showing me a little 22 short revolver he had bought at a junk store. he kept it under his socks so his mother wouldn't find it. Barry didn't make it through high school - he died in grade 12. he was playing touch football and caught the ball bad, fractured his collar and shoulder and expired in the hospital from the anesthetic they used when they went in to set the bones. I wondered what his mother thought when she found the pistol. That was 1963 and I lived in a small town. Everybody had a gun - 22's, shotguns, pistols, my friend David had an old Snider Enfield that fired a huge cartridge. I don't remember the carnage as being significant - they were tools not toys and nobody thought about carrying one in their truck unless they were going hunting.
    I have no objection to the gun registry, it is not onerous to comply with nor particularly expensive, especially compared to the cost of shells (unless you stick to .22 short) so I haven't understood why people get so riled about the registry. Except in the context of the government sticking their nose into everything. Which they do, because we want demand the do.
    Right wing xians want the government to tell people who to marry and what to do with their uterus and what they can use for recreational drugs (nothing) and what can be taught (or not taught) in schools and NOT tell people what firearms THEY can have hidden under the bed. I guess if you don't marry who they want you to marry, they plan to enforce their ideas with the guns under their bed. Bad idea.