Sunday, August 14, 2011

Nice Hats, Where's the Toilet?

When last we saw our hapless hero, he was hiding in the toilet of Brazil’s Foreign Affairs Minister.  Speculation abounds but it seems he may have been waiting for a new pair of trousers.  And some baby naps.

The reported rant was investigated by our Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird who concluded, from his office in Ottawa, that it was just “tabloid media”.

It does make you wonder about the last toilet emergency that caused Stephen Harper to miss a photo op and cause it to be rescheduled.  Did he not like who he was to stand next to?  Keep in mind this is the same Stephen Harper who twice prorogued Parliament when he didn’t like what was happening there, in effect, picking up the ball and running away because the other kids wouldn’t play his way.  This is the same Stephen Harper who enacted a law to determine when elections were to be called, and then promptly turned around and ignored his own law.

All these things taken together make it look like we did not elect a man capable of representing our interests, but a whiney 12 year old who still holds his breath when he can’t have his way.  Note to Steve, when you are a guest, you follow the host’s lead.  Maybe we should just send a sitter with him.  He seems to get along well with that Baird fellow.

So what did we get from this 4 country tour or Latin America?

Not too much from what I can see.  Brazil was polite, but not much else to report (other than the bathroom thing).  I think they realize we need them far more than they need us.  Costa Rica had some chats, this is a country we have had a Free Trade Pact with since 2002 or so.  Colombia, nothing of import seems to have come from there, other than the Free Trade Pact with them goes into effect this month.  And finally Honduras.  We have a new Free Trade Agreement in the works with them now!

Nice to be pals with Colombia and Honduras, both score poorly on the Human Rights boards.  Both are struggling economically and free trade with Canada will give them... not so much. 

It seems the only thing we got out of this is access to cheap Honduran T-shirts made by people who can only hope of earning enough to be poor, instead of impoverished.

No, it appears all that Steve wants to do is find cheap labour pools to help businesses out and for the rest of us, well we only matter for about 30 days every 4 years.  Unless He decides to hold the election at another time.  That election law, its just a guide line eh?

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