Friday, February 17, 2012

Goodbye to the Gun Registry

Here is a picture from the CHQR news story, I took the liberty of cropping it to show the rifle better.

I also added the inset to show the name of the rifle a bit better.

Click on the picture for a larger view.

Recently two RCMP officers were injured in an attempt to serve a search warrant to recover a handgun near Killam, Alberta.

The CBC reported the two officers received wounds to their torso and were transported to the Killam Hospital and then airlifted to Edmonton for surgery for their wounds.

From the news reports there appears to have been a gun fight between the officers and the people at the house but you have to wonder what the bad guys were using to seriously wound the officers. The police wear body armour in Alberta don’t they? They do everywhere else.

Later, Calgary radio station CHQR reported that the police had found a truck belonging to a suspect in the shootings and it held a rifle. The article mentions that although the rifle was unloaded, a five round clip on ammunition was found nearby.

Did I mention it was a 50 caliber “Sniper Rifle”?

It is a Steyr HS .50 M1 and is legal to own in Canada. It is classed as a “Non-restricted” weapon and can be had for around $6700.00 + tax but the scope costs extra.

And with the changes recently enacted by the Stephen Harper Party, you won’t even have to register it anymore. Only you and your friendly neighbourhood firearms dealer will know for sure.

Does this bother you? It gives me the willies.

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