Saturday, February 25, 2012

Michael Sona... Harper Party Patsy?

I find it not so odd that the Harper Party spokespeople seem to want to hang this election fraud on one person… the “rogue operative”. And then they trot out this 23 year old kid who looks like he cares more about the “Rebel Alliance” than “Reform/Alliance.”

This got me to thinking conspiracy…

First the company involved was Racknine Inc. Reform, Alliance, Conservative (RAC) nine, with nine being the nine Anglo provinces. Yes I know… but it works.

This is an Edmonton based company which provided services to a number of Harper Party candidates, including polling to see who you’d vote for in the upcoming election.

Racknine Inc. had access to the data before the Harper Party did. If Racknine Inc. does National polling and calling, they would likely have professional bilingual staffers to voice their calls.

But where does Michael Sona fit into this?

I doubt Racknine Inc. would be able to place a local boy into the Harper Party Machine, that would be the Harper Party themselves.

From what I understand, Michael Sona studied History at the University of Guelph. So at age 23 (assuming he graduated his History program) he really hasn’t had a lot of time in the “real world”. By that I mean the world outside of education. So maybe two years outside of school?

Now Mr. Sona lands a job as the Communications Director (CD) for his local Harper Party candidate Marty Burke.

Marty Burke is a piece of work. He ranted and railed against the Canadian involvement in Afghanistan in letters to the editor of the local paper until Harper formed a government. Then he was all for it. He is ex-military and a pilot for Air Canada and hates the Liberal Party with a passion.

Since this was a hotly contested riding, a number of Harper Party Stars passed through and it seems that Mr. Sona made a good enough impression to land a job as a staffer in Ottawa. Not a bad job if you have political aspirations, learn the ropes from the inside if you plan on politics for a career or the other ladder inside the House of Commons as a professional staffer aiming for a PMO spot.

It just bothers me that he was the CD for a failed candidate who was accused of trying to steal a ballot box at a special poll at the University of Guelph and yet he is apparently an up and comer within the Harper Party. Or is he just a good soldier… an expendable?

“look, Mikey… I know we had some plans for you down the road, but this thing is blowing up in our faces. Now this ballot box thing is a black mark on you and we’re not sure how far up we could take you… so here’s the deal. You step up and take the blame… we’ll make it worth your while… and we have some friends who could use a bright young guy like you in private business… But you gotta keep quiet on the rest of it… capeesh?”

If this had been simply organizing a call bank to annoy voters in one riding I could understand a single gunman or a rogue operative. But it’s not. It is 12 or more ridings involved and no mere CD from Guelph would have the access to the phone lists for the other constituencies. That is just too insecure.

A political campaign is a race from the opening of the offices to the posting of the results. No one involved in a campaign has time to waste on side projects especially ones that would take a fair bit of planning and time to put all the bits together.

Someone bought a phone in Quebec.

Someone got the phone list of non Harper supporters for 12 or more constituencies.

Someone set up an account with Racknine Inc./ to make the calls.

Someone wrote a believable script in both English and French that caused people to go to the wrong polling stations.

Someone was the voice of those calls.

Someone paid for these calls.

Knowing Stephen Harper’s tendency to micromanage everything to do with His party, down to the colour of the MP’s ties, if there is any connection to the Harper Party, I cannot believe he was not in the loop.

I hope that Elections Canada and the RCMP are allowed to investigate this crime without political interference. Sadly I don’t see that happening either.

There was just too much to do for one individual or “rogue operative” to pull off. This has the Harper Party’s fingerprints all over it but I suspect the trail will dry up when it reaches Michael Sona.

The pieces don’t fit, but we already have the patsy.


  1. The first political casualty of the scandal is Michael Sona, who worked for Conservative candidate Marty Burke in Guelph, where some of the calls were sent. Sona resigned yesterday as an aide to Conservative MP Eve Adams. (Adams happens to be dating Dmitri Soudas, former communications director to Stephen Harper.)

  2. Can't expect the RCMP to investigate properly. The RCMP are deep in HarperCON's pockets. He totally controls them. HarperCON once gave the RCMP a gift of one billion dollars - during the Toronto G20 Police Riot in June 2010.