Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Stephen Harper Wants to Bury Election Fraud

Just when you thought they couldn’t sink any lower the Stephen Harper Party plumbs new depths in… being the Stephen Harper Party.

Why does the Harper Party dominated committee want to see the Chief Electoral Officer on Budget Day? Maybe because most of the Press will be in lockdown until after the Budget is read?

Is this a new way to muzzle the Media?

If this type of tomfoolery and chicanery were to have occurred when Lord Stephen sat in Opposition he would be calling for heads to roll, for Commissions of the Royal sort to be called.

Mr. Mulcair! Mr. Rae! Gentlemen, rev up your chainsaws!

Canadians want Harper’s head on a platter!

The fact that the Stephen Harper Party finds the robocall and other election improprieties a laughing matter and tries to pooh-pooh it away is bad enough but now to schedule the appearance of the Chief Electoral Officer before committee on Budget Day is abhorrent.

Harper may like to paint this as a minor left wing Eastern to-do, but the fact of the matter is that it is not only NDP and Liberal support calling for a full and proper investigation into this matter… it is the Conservatives too.

Not your “Harper People”, the sad little echo boxes that parrot whatever the party says.

Not your Harper MPs that can only speak when party leadership puts words in their mouths and their hands up their backside.

The True Conservatives that believe in Canada and Canadians and not Chinese and American oil barons.

They are rallying to our flag. The flag of Canadians.

You’ve forgotten your so called Reform roots. Democracy from the Grassroots is no more, if it ever was.

You’ve shown us your disdain for Democracy in your handling of the Canadian Wheat Board. This is a farmer organization, owned and governed by its members. You chose to overrule them, to write a law that will be before the courts likely for years.

The clowning and joking of the Stephen Harper Party over this current election scandal speaks volumes to me and millions of other Canadians.

This Electoral Fraud needs to be investigated, and those involved brought to justice.

Your obvious lack of interest of finding the culprits makes me wonder who they really are. Do you shake their hands when they come into your office each morning? Do they call you “Sir”?

The facts I’ve seen, the reports I’ve heard all point to the involvement of your party, the Stephen Harper Party.

The information required to contact and misdirect non supporters of your party is not available to the general public. It is not available to front line campaign staff. The release of this information to persons unknown could only have occurred if people well up the food chain in the Harper Party organization released it. Perhaps it was the “master strategist” himself.

To the Media: My challenge to you is to ensure that for each scribe you send to cover the Budget, you send one to cover the committee. Canada wants to know what the Chief Electoral Officer has to say.

If the Harper Party opts to move the meeting in camera, we want to know who moved it and who supported it.

To the Leaders on the Opposition Side of the House, Mr. Mulcair and Mr. Rae: My challenge to you is to call the Harper Party to account for their part in this and other Election Irregularities that occurred in the latest elections.

I leave it to you and the members of the Opposition Side to force a proper inquiry into these instances of Electoral Fraud and challenge for a Royal Commission to get to the bottom of this.

Not only for me, one Canadian…

Not only for those millions of Canadians who believe as I do that this needs to be addressed…

But also for the boys who lie in Flanders and Bergen Op Zoom and all the other military cemeteries and for the members of our Forces that came home but never saw their loved ones again…

Let Stephen Harper know that when he steps on Democracy he spits on the memory of those who fought to protect Democracy around the world.


  1. In my opinion the whole government should be dismantled and completely done away with. Politicians are nothing but puppets doing the bidding of more elite higher ups with little or no concern for humanity nor the environment.RBE is the only way to go, not the NWO of stephen harperoo .... TIME TO WAKE UP PEOPLE .. GET RID OF GOVERNMENT ALL TOGETHER.

  2. Well written article/opinion... I have to agree with much of what you say and what you ask...