Thursday, March 1, 2012

One Hundred and Fifty

One Hundred and Fifty.

That is the number of reasons I have for writing this.

One Hundred and Fifty is the number of Canadian Soldiers that returned from Afghanistan in flag draped coffins during Stephen Harper’s watch.

I apologize is this is offensive, but it is what I feel.

Canada sent our forces to Afghanistan to free the Afghan people from tyranny. To allow the Afghan people free speech. To allow the Afghan people free elections.

But here at home…

Vic Toews wants Adam Carroll, a former Liberal Staffer hauled in front of an Ethics committee over the Vikileaks30 Twitter comments.

The posts may have been nasty, the use of government computers may have been improper, but we didn’t hear Vic Toews complain that they were false, he didn’t threaten slander he just complained.

Mr. Carroll resigned over this and Bob Rae apologized on behalf of the Liberal Party but Vic Toews wants his pound of flesh.

Sorry Vic, this is free speech.

Vic Toews also wants the group “Anonymous” charged with contempt for their revelations and threats of future revelations about his acts in the past.

He didn’t call them lies, and Anonymous claims that their future releases are verified so how can this be contempt?

It is not like they are lying to the House of Commons ala Bev Oda or withholding information from the House of Commons ala Stephen Harper, acts which were deemed prima facie to be acts of contempt.

This again, however unpalatable, is free speech Vic.

Recently it has come to light that people in a number of constituencies received phone calls claiming to be from Elections Canada directing them to bogus Polling Stations. Other calls were reported to be harassing in nature. These were attempts to make some political parties look, shall we say unattractive to their own supporters.

A number of Harper Party Members including Peter MacKay and Dean Del Mastro pointed their finger at a lone “rogue” Staffer, Michael Sona. They claimed that this was the reason that Mr. Sona resigned, a claim Mr. Sona denies.

I don’t recall Mr. Sona ever saying “I did it” only that the Harper Party MPs said the guilty party had resigned.

No, it appears the Harper Party may have been involved in illegal vote suppression and the fact that they have no interest in investigating this, in calling Mr. Sona before an Ethics Committee speaks volumes.

One Hundred and Fifty brave Canadians gave their lives for freedoms for a foreign land while at home these very same freedoms are being suppressed.

I have but one question,

Did these soldiers die in vain?

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