Friday, May 3, 2013

Of Conspiracy Theories and the Boston Marathon

I swear Facebook is a zombie that eats my brains.

I just found out the the Boston Marathon bombing was a hoax perpetrated by the American Government.  All the blood was fake, likely paint, and the pieces of people at the site were silicon or silicone.

Part of the proof they offered was a picture of a lady who lost her legs to the blast being wheeled away on a stretcher with her legs still attached.

Anyway, what I really wonder is if the American Government wanted to host a "terrorist attack" why bother with fake victims, fake blood and fake body parts.  Why not just get a couple of malcontents or Federal Agents of some kind to sneak around and set off a couple of real bombs and maim and kill real people.

The simplest solution is usually the best.  If you need to acquire fake blood and gore there is always the danger that someone who sold it you you will remember and start to talk about it.  Actors and actresses to play the parts of victims, they will still need to be paid, and you'll never guarantee their silence unless you silence them.

Every link in the chain has the potential to be "the" weak link.  The smaller the conspiracy the better the odds of it never breaking. The best case is a conspiracy of one, like the Unabomber.  His only mistake was in making one bomb too many, otherwise he may never have been caught.

The other flaw in the conspiracy is that the players have to die.  Lee Harvey Oswald is a prime example.  The conspirators could not allow Oswald to go to court, if he started to name names then the conspiracy would unravel in a hurry.  Likely Oswald was supposed to resist arrest and be shot and killed trying to flee.  He was meekly arrested and the conspirators had to ensure his silence.

On the other hand, the government could just bide its time.  There are enough crazies out there itching to make their mark.  Wait a while longer and one or some of them will make an attack, blow something up, or create a situation where the government has to act, maybe something like Waco?

No, the scary thing is that two disaffected brothers were able to assemble working bombs without anyone noticing what they were doing.  There were no cell phone calls or telephone calls required.  No emails, no electronic or traceable messages of any kind.  Two brothers plotting to commit an atrocity and nothing to tip their hand to the authorities.

Let us hope that it never happens again.

Peace, BC

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