Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Stephen Harper Says He’s Very Upset, But He Doesn’t Act Like It


That’s about the size of it.

Stephen Harper says he’s very upset.  Stephen Harper certainly doesn’t act like it.

I’ve just read the transcript of what Stephen Harper shared with his caucus and the media.  To say that I’m disappointed would be an understatement.

He’s laughing at you and he’s laughing at me.  He says that he’s beefed up transparency and accountability and yet we have $3.1 Billion in anti terrorism money that went God only knows where, and we have over $2 Billion in departmental spending that no one will say what the money was actually spent on.

And then there’s the Duffy Situation.

Harper apparently claims he didn’t find out about the $90,172.00 gift that Nigel Wright gave to Mike Duffy until the media broke the story.  By the way, he didn’t say that, John Baird did during Question Period.

Now I don’t know about you, but if I give someone a gift it usually isn’t half of what they or I would earn in a year.  If I give someone a substantial gift, they are likely to be a blood relative or a friend who is so close to me that I would consider them family.

I doubt Nigel and Mike are that close.  I doubt that they are on the same bowling team or even the same league.

So Nigel and Mike sat down with Mike’s lawyer and Stephen Harper’s former special council and legal advisor Benjamin Perrin and set up this gift.

And yet the Harper Party says there are no documents involved in this gift.

Huh?? At least two lawyers are there to negotiate a gift and none of them wrote anything down?  They sound like the lawyers on “The Simpsons” and not like a former legal eagle of the PMO and I’m sure that Duffy’s lawyer is no slouch either.

Stephen Harper and his crew are asking us to believe that Harper, a notorious micromanager who issues talking points to keep MPs from saying anything but what he wants heard allowed his Right Hand Man in the PMO to go off on his own and pay off Duffy’s debt without being told about it?  How about that his former PMO legal counsel sat in on the meeting and didn’t pick up his phone and say “Hey Steve, are you up to speed on this?”

If it was me, Nigel wouldn’t have gotten the chance to resign.  He called the credibility and integrity of the PM and the PMO into question by acting like a free agent.  Either Nigel was acting on Harper’s orders or on the direction of someone behind the throne.

I certainly wouldn’t have let Mike Duffy quietly slip out of caucus to sit in the independents’ corner.  I’d have called him and told him the same two words I shared with Nigel and sent out a press statement advising that Mr. Duffy was removed from caucus and that the matter would be forwarded to the RCMP.

But you can’t do that when you’ve spent the last how long telling everyone how honourable good old Duff is.  How wonderful it is that he repaid his improperly collected housing allowance.

And you can’t do that when you’ve been telling everyone that Pamela Wallin’s travel expenses are the same as other people who supposedly live in Saskatchewan, even though she suddenly repaid part of those travel expenses when they were going to be audited.

Remember what Stephen told us so many years ago?  If you bend the rules you will be punished?  If you break the rules you will be charged?  If you abuse the public trust you will go to prison?

Empty words.

Stephen Harper is not unhappy that the rules were bent, that the rules were broken, that the public trust was abused.  He’s unhappy that his people, the people he hired into the Senate and the PMO got caught.

In the mean time Harper has hopped into a jet bound for Peru and left his minions to fend off the accusations in the House.

Is that Leadership?  Hardly, it’s more like a spoiled brat who makes rules for the other kids but not for his gang and then hides when the Spam hits the fan.

What say you?

Cheers, BC

And before anyone calls me on it… No I really don’t think there is an awful lot of credibility or integrity in the PMO right now.  And Spam is a registered trademark of Hormel Foods Corporation.

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