Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lord Stephen, Promise Made, Promise Kept

Apparently the Harperistas have a new line.

“Promise made, promise kept.”

I’m sure the PMO thought long and hard to dream this up before sending out to the trolling class of Harperistas. You know the ones, they post an op/ed and get all annoyed when it gets challenged. Calling people names and being rude because it was in the National Post and so it has to be true or Ezra Levant wrote it so it cannot be challenged… note to the Harper Party chattering classless… op/eds are opinions and carry no more weight than a blog by a cranky old cat and Ezra is an overfed sparrow fart that will write anything for anyone who pays enough. Kind of like prostitution isn’t it?

I write for me.

Now the last time I saw this buzz phrase PMPK was in regards to the impending closure of the Canadian Wheat Board. These junior league Harper Party operatives are all aglow with the news that their Lord Stephen has beat up a bunch of farmers and is rewriting the laws to do it. They think this is wonderful.

I would suggest that the Harper Regime is doing the same type of thing that the despots running the Middle East have been doing for the last few decades. Breaking the existing laws and just writing new ones making whatever they want to do legal.

Government control of the media? New law. Easy peasy. Just pull a string and all the Harper Party marionettes raise their hands and say “Aye.”

Somewhere Orwell is laughing at us.

Now the junior leaguers are not so happy about the class action lawsuit over the properties owned by the CWB and lost income and so forth. The evil ring leader is an immoral LIEberal. Could be, but he’s a member of the Canadian Wheat Board and a citizen of Canada and he appears to be within his rights to sue.

When Ritz got his marching orders from the PMO over this I’m sure I’m not the only one who saw the lawsuits coming fast and furious. The irony is that the very same farmers who wanted the CWB killed will be first in line to get their hands on the spoils should the class action suit prevail. Isn’t Ritz a grain farmer? Think he’ll send that cheque back uncashed?

No, the only problem is that if the government loses, it won’t be the Harper Party footing the bill. It will be a cranky old cat and the rest of Canadians paying for Harper’s folly. If there was true justice in this land the lawsuit would have named Harper and Ritz and the Harper Party and every last one of the puppets that supported this bill accountable for every red cent.

But it’s the Government of Canada that’s doing this, and so it’s the Government of Canada that gets named in the lawsuit.

And win or lose, we get to pay for the lawyers.

Let’s face it, Canadians have hired the most incompetent manager on the earth to run our country. When the situation in Attawapiskat arose our fearless leader looked surprised and astounded about this. Basically the response was “We sent the cheque, what did they spend it on?” followed by blaming the Indians for spending it on stuff. A competent manager wouldn’t have to ask.

These same guys are still planning to buy the jets that may never be made, much less fly. Plan B will be to blame the Liberals for buying the planes.

No, when Stephen Harper wanders off into the sunset after his time in office, we will be holding the bag. Billions of dollars of debt, gutted social services screaming to be rebuilt without a penny in the coffers and who knows what else and we will pass it on to our children because we won’t be able to pay for it ourselves.

That is the promise we’ll get to keep.

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