Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Not Canadian Enough?

My Friends,

It has come to my attention again that Stephen Harper feels that he is better than you, or at least some of you.

Stephen Harper says that in order to be Prime Minister of this once proud country, you need to be a Canadian, and only a Canadian. If you currently hold dual citizenship, you are not a proper candidate for the position of Prime Minister.

By law, at least as I understand it, in order to run for an elected government position you need only be legally entitled to vote. You need to be a citizen of Canada. In fact we have had Prime Ministers who were not Canadian citizens but merely citizens of the United Kingdom.

But at that time they were legally entitled to vote in Canada.

The irony here is that while Lord Stephen feels that the Right Honourable Thomas Mulcair and the Right Honourable Stephane Dion are undesirable choices for the Prime Minister’s office, he is happy to replace Canadian paintings in government offices with portraits of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II who is not a Canadian citizen.

I wonder how Lord Stephen feels about me then.

I was born of a Landed Immigrant and a Canadian by choice. I am entitled to hold dual citizenship if I choose, but I have chosen not to.

Does the fact that I am Canadian Only by choice make me a better Canadian that Stephen Harper who, to my knowledge, has no choice?

And what of our Aboriginal neighbours?

I am no expert on Aboriginal affairs but I gather that natives, while they may be Canadian, consider themselves members of their respective Nations. Should this affect their efforts should they decide to run for the leadership of a National Political Party?


My friends, in order to be considered for the Leadership of our country, one needs to be honest and truthful. One must be respectful of the Rules of the House of Commons. One must obey the laws of the land.

In other words, one must not be like Stephen.

Thank you for your time.

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