Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Shepherd and the Wolf, or the Stephen Harper story.

Aesop wrote a little story about the Shepherd and the Wolf.

At first the Shepherd was afraid for his flock but the Wolf left the sheep alone. In time, the Shepherd came to trust the Wolf as he left the sheep alone and the other wolves stayed away as well.

One day the Shepherd felt safe enough to leave the Wolf in charge of the flock when the Shepherd was called away and when he returned many of his flock were gone and so was the Wolf.

Now days, the Wolf has come back, but now he has picture taken with kittens to show how harmless he is. We kept watch on the Wolf but he seemed to have reformed, not wanting to gut our social services and even promising to leave things pretty much alone… so we went and put the Wolf in charge.

Now the Wolf is hitting our services by reducing staff and demanding budget cuts while at the same time his wolf buddies get nonexistent jobs such as overseeing the EI system to Tens of Millions of Dollars to direct the EI surpluses of which, of course, there are none.

The Wolf looks to the South for guidance, he tells us that putting the Foxes and other criminal animals into cages for longer sentences will make the criminal animals better citizens or that squeezing money out of Health Care will make the Country better. The best Medicare comes from “For Profit” systems.

Never mind the fact that our friends to the South spend more money per capita keeping their criminal animals in cages than we do and that they spend more government money on “For Profit” Medicare than we do with our Government Insurance.

No the Wolf is looking to make things better for his Pack than for us because the one thing that the Wolf truly understands is how wolves think. If the Wolf doesn’t keep the other wolves happy, they will turn on him in the blink of an eye.

Aesop has other stories about wolves.

One is about the boy who called “Wolf” so often the people ignored him when the Wolf took his flock. That is where we are right now and the townspeople aren’t listening to the people who see the Wolf.

Finally Aesop wrote of the Wolf who dressed himself in a sheep’s skin to hide from the Shepherd and to find the fattest sheep. I think we’ve all heard this story, but many of us never heard the end.

When the Shepherd returned from the pastures with his sheep he put them into a pen for the night. The Shepherd’s hounds found the Wolf and tore him to pieces that night.

Is it not time to release the hounds?

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